August 16, 2005

One Reason Why

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is in this poignant memory.

War Reporters, well, Report

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Chris Allbritton has a ton of new stuff, including a link to a Time piece by colleague Michael Ware detailing Iran’s role in screwing up Iraq. (Also note that the guy who set us up the bomb in Beirut, killing a couple hundred Marines, is now their freakin’ defense minister. Axis of Evil makes more sense as time goes on, y’all.)

Allbritton’s coming from a different perspective than me, but puts out some fascinating writing.

Michael Yon finds life is getting a little too exciting. As he puts it,

For more than a week, I’ve been trying to finish the Battle for Mosul Part IV. Meanwhile, the battle for Mosul is still on. Writing about this war takes a back seat to living it.

I miss guys like Michael Kelly and Steven Vincent…

Just Another Soldier

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Jason Hartley’s got a book coming out. About half is from his blog, and half is new stuff.

I’m buying a copy now–his blog was that good. Ah, to be an E-4 again…or not…

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