January 19, 2008

Link Dump 19 Jan

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  • Somebody finally built an Iraq financial fund. I’d invest but you’d have to be worth a cool mil to enter.
  • Our unpleasant lawyer mentioned the other day got schooled in court. I’d say that’s about the right way to handle it. Now how about the Illinois bar–y’all got anything?
  • Sheer, utter genius: Iowahawk turns the tables on the NYT slanderation.
  • The other day I heard a breathless NPR report on LTC John Nagl’s decision to get out. Neptunus Lex has a better context. I asked Ralph Peters once, back before I knew who he was, why he retired, and Peters said that he knew he’d have more of an impact doing what he wanted to do outside the military. I won’t presume to speak for Nagl, but DoD is beginning to get “it” and the rest of the government will have to join in, particularly as we stand up AFRICOM; Nagl may be less constrained wearing a suit, getting more money, and occasionally being able to see his family at home at night.

    Which reminds me. I have noticed lately that some folks who are advocating change in strategy do like people did a couple of years ago and say something along the lines of “this is new and forget Clausewitz”. Those folks are so enamored of the new idea they forget war isn’t new under the sun; Clausewitz is more applicable than perhaps they know. But you have to know your Clausewitz…

  • Email from the skimmers says that Big Navy is not only standing behind the decision COs made last week to not kill the irritating IRGCN small boats, but also singling them out for praise and coolheadedness. The stuff I won’t put here is more strongly positive, but here’s part of a transcript (pdf) of the CNO’s speech:

    Nine days ago, USS HOPPER, USS PORT ROYAL, and USS INGRAHAM demonstrated in the
    Strait of Hormuz how important each and every Sailor is to the maritime strategy. From the
    Commanding Officer, to the Officer of the Deck, to the Tactical Action Officer to the members
    of the ships’ Small Caliber Action Team, all of them displayed the discipline, the training, and
    the presence of mind and situational awareness that kept a potentially volatile situation from
    erupting into combat. They responded and performed as they had been trained, and in doing so
    they controlled the situation perfectly. Those Sailors were the ones who nine days ago
    demonstrated forward presence, deterrence, sea control, and [inaudible] discipline of our Navy.

    I don’t have the situational information that the ships did but if they had tactical control, then they did the exact right thing. Sounds as though they had that control.

  • Canada’s slide into serfdom gets weird. By the way, there’s a Free Mark Steyn blog.
  • John Cox, formerly of Cox and Forkum, has a new graphic novel out.
  • This is an information war, too. Watch this BBC news video (h/t LGF) for yet another bad fish swimming in our sea.
  • Remember that NIE a while back? I said the unclassified version’s release and promotion was a political act. I think other people are getting that now.

    Few publicly question the underlying intelligence behind the report. But a number of critics are challenging the analysts’ conclusions. Some counterproliferation experts and diplomats see Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear-fuel cycle as a more important assessment than the revelation that Tehran stopped seeking to develop actual weapons. They say once the fuel cycle is accomplished, weapons can be developed in a matter of months.

  • Shorpy’s got some good photos up this week.

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