July 31, 2008

Begin The Night Sweats Now

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Behold the Ball.

Thems what know, know. I went to that place twice, once in the ball and once outside it.

July 27, 2008

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Okay, I finally found the end of the Internet. It was on Fark, of course.

Or something.

Sonar Techs Rejoice

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Now the rest of the world knows what you listen to all day.

Not the show tunes. This.

July 26, 2008

Great to hear Ozwitch is doing okay…

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…better still to hear her husband is not just safe but did well in a tough situation with lives at stake. Lex has the info.

Kikaida Go Go Go Go, Go Go Go!

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Huh. While looking for snippets of the ’70’s Japanese children’s show Kikaida (featuring a guitar-playing fellow who just happens to turn into a monster-fighting robot; they showed it in Hawaii back in the day, and the production values are right up there with early Ultraman for sheer cheese), I found a blog that has such a clip and also this little piece which in itself isn’t that interesting but the movie from which is came is described thusly:

Blue Demon and pals riding motorcycles, girls in bathing suits, a cool Jazz soundtrack, evil midgets with super-human strength… what more could you want?

I Guess They Have Downtime From Revealing State Secrets

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Gosh, and there are those who wonder why I’m not too fond of the New York Times.

The New York Times has posted a photo gallery of dead or wounded marines, soldiers and civilians killed in Iraq, with the following story as a fig leaf…

The final line, and a good one:

Oddly enough, one can search the New York Times website and never find any in-depth coverage complaining that the US media does not show enough pictures or video of Islamic terrorists torturing and beheading their helpless victims.

July 25, 2008

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Dude, these are some seriously bored kids. (h/t B3ta)

July 23, 2008

Welcome Home Doc

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That’s sandbox tour number four for those of you playing the home version of the game.

BZ, Doc. Beer’s on me.

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Some podcasts are easier than others, I guess.

July 22, 2008

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Kursk bow is missing

Yeek. This link is a tough look: photos of the Kursk salvage. (h/t Midwatch)

July 20, 2008

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Aaaaand here’s a teaser:

Many portrayed the dismal conditions (apart from the one with the beach towel, Speedos and the blow up doll)

Witnessing Some Of This Makes Me Very Glad I Went Navy

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Dude got some work to do, and impressing reporters ain’t in the task list.

It was nothing if not amusing to watch the team’s leader, Commander George Perez—a highly intelligent but plainspoken Navy submariner who looked as though he’d be more comfortable solving his problems with a torpedo—try to master the art of sensitive intercultural negotiations (for which, it turned out, he had a genuine talent).

Go shipmate go.

Oh, and I have a similar problem, and I’m betting it’s an Army TRADOC thing:

Take Braggistan itself. The trainees, especially those who’d actually been to the wars, complained bitterly about the lack of realism there, crowding around my Humvee at one point to tick off their grievances. The injects—IEDs and snipers—were more typical of Iraq than Afghanistan, they said, where you’re more likely to encounter rocket fire from a distance. The vehicles, equipment, and accommodations weren’t true to life. And a lot of the instructors had never been “downrange” and so were teaching out of textbooks rather than from experience. This is not to suggest that the warriors were poorly trained. In fact, they’d been so well trained elsewhere that a fun-park ride like the Capstone exercises struck many of them as irrelevant. After one series of snafus turned a mock shura, or tribal consultation, into a gunfight, a passing sergeant shrugged deadpan and drawled to me, “We’re better when it’s live.”

Gotta have the feedback loop between pointy end of spear and training house. Navy in WWII put its snot hot leaders in charge of the schooling. Tough challenge to do that, too; do we do that today?

The City Journal article is good for a completely different reason, and I’m only avoiding highlighting it because if you’re reading this blog you know my opinion on how we do on information warfare and know it’s a low one…

Twenty Years, Understated

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Says Nereus, upon his retirement:

I didn’t do anything that warrant’s a medal, parade, or anything above a footnote in history. Other than I was there and I served.

“Other than.”

All of us are Ozymandias. Nereus? You had the watch. And you stood it well.

Thank you.

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Tooling around the Eastman House Flickr site mentioned on BoingBoing, I found this little gem of a photo that would have fit well next to a shin-hanga wood block print.

Not bad for a color photo from 1910.

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Laughing_Wolf at Blackfive points out a recounting of the firefight in Afghanistan in Stars and Stripes that had a FOB’s personnel withstand an intense attack by Taliban. They held their ground but it was a tough fight. Worth a read.

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Somebody’s trying to make a buck off the Net with TV skills…

July 19, 2008

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A Tony Snow commencement address.

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You might remember this guy literally waving the bloody shirt in a demonstration in Iran. He escaped through a modern-day underground railroad, and his story is worth reading.

Tyrannies block their own people from escaping.

July 13, 2008

Today’s Long Read

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Lawrence Wright identifies a split in the hirabist ideology, in a three part Guardian essay that I’m in the middle of reading.

Turns out that a particular class of doctors in one Egyptian university were disproportionately influential. I also just finished the excellent book The Siege Of Mecca, which describes how a group of people heterodyned themselves into believing their violent actions would bring a Sunni Mahdi, and this stuff is pretty thought-provoking.

Particularly if one is used to seeing people move warships to confront the bad guys.

July 12, 2008

Anime’s Gain Is Strategy’s Loss, I Reckon

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You know, I keep referring back to articles in den Beste’s Essential Library, though the links are old and the blog is long gone. Most of the time, it’s to print out a reference for someone who’s just beginning to think about the concepts in, say, Walter Russell Mead’s characterization of traditions. Returning to that page is a worthy thought exercise: Which ideas didn’t pan out? Which ones are resonating more? Which ones are more and less relevant, and which authors shot their bolt and have nothing new to say?

One of these years I need to build something like den Beste’s resource for my ownself.

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