January 30, 2009

Cassandra Was Right, But She Wasn’t Happy

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Be careful what you ask for. Mixing it up in the comments here.

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A couple of years ago, I was pretty good in the ol’ blogosphere. I was getting some good hits and if I had focused on the blog instead of the job and family, I mighta been a contenda.

Pajamas sent me their legal docs to join their organization. I didn’t like the terms–it felt kinda fail and way too legally restrictive.

I think I’m glad I didn’t join them.

I don’t like their focus on video anyway…

January 28, 2009

Phibs And Barry Mighta Caught This One

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Don Dixon, back when he had hair and a great band. WQDR-FM was rock and played a lot of local music. And, via Barney’s Army, we get cheezy low fi 80s video of dang good pop music.

January 27, 2009

Patty Ann Brown’s Red Eye Intros

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Nuff said.

It was getting too serious around here anyway.

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New media, meet Establishment.

Navy’s having a hard time wrapping its head around this innernets thing. Some guys are trying hard, but it’s different, and therefore not easy. At least this isn’t like the flag I used to work for who had to have his emails printed and handed to him…

Update: Members of Congress calling him for his blog, eh? Hmm. Galrahn’s this close to being able to say the Glenn Greenwald Credo on his very own!

January 24, 2009

This Sorta Happened When I Bought A TI99/4A For $1200 And Three Months Later Toy Stores Were Selling It For Fifty Bucks

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Figures. I bought one of those One Laptop Per Child thingies, and the initiative is in big trouble.

And there’s already a much better computer for the kiddies available. These guys are selling it for a lot more than two XO computers were, but the price will come down.

Well, at least I have the machine we own reconfigured to run off an SD memory card, and figured out how to load some kid-friendly stuff onto the thing. Oh man Linux is not a casual dabbler’s thing to use…

Tabibi Versus Friedman

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Look, I just don’t get it. Tom Friedman’s The World Is Flat was the one–one!–book that the COCOM I was in previously wanted everybody to read. Now I’m looking at the boss’ reading list here at the place I’m at and Hot, Flat and Crowded is prominently recommended, there are copies everywhere, and the instructors are using terminology from the book.

Back about ’02, before I started doing research into the relevant topics, I thought Friedman had an interesting column or two, and thought that if I were picking speakers in a wide-ranging list of people, he’d be one of those on that list. But this? This is ridiculous.

So I note with some pleasure that CDR Salamander has found (via Steyn) the Matt Tabibi review of Friedman’s latest, which I will savor after printing yet another copy of the most painful book review I’ve ever read…not coincidentally Tabibi’s review of Friedman’s previous book.

I expect waves of bile and snark…

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This takes more personal courage to do than one might think. It’s a different kind of courage, too, one that is sometimes missing in people with great courage in other areas.

I have stories like this as well. Once, goaded by a colleague, I shared some, more from an urge to deny the other guy a chance to hold something against me than a more altruistic feeling. Others I’ve let leak in places like Bubblehead’s blog, where people I know show up every once in a while and I have to weigh naked honesty with embarrassing someone else…or writing it incorrectly and sounding like more of an idiot than I’d like.

So I appreciate the difficulty of Lex writing something like this, and writing it in a compelling way.

January 19, 2009

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Andrew Breitbart has some sneering going on for the Not-In-Our-Namers who suddenly found their names. It’s kinda related to the flag-waving which the Armorer recontextualizes with less overt but more intense reframing.

Hoo boy this is gonna be an odd few years. Non-hobgoblin consistency, anybody?

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News story about the Grunion discovery from the family standpoint.

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Pretty heartfelt essay about one guy changing his personal politics.

Two Ninety-Five Well Spent

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In truth I read maybe three books last year, which is horrible for a guy who unfettered by other care would read about one a day, and needs to feel the inrush of new useless facts and interesting ideas. This has been since about August of 2007, when I started what in current retrospect was the hardest personal job, mentally and physically, I think I’ve ever done. With regard to books I have an oft-mentioned Shelf of Shame. It’s a large and growing shelf of books I bought but haven’t read yet and there are many interesting titles on there that I acquired the year I only had time to hit the “checkout” button on the Amazon list.

However. The bookstore in the dead mall was closing, and 75% off was pretty tempting despite my inability to read many books last year due to work. The Shelf, foul evidence of wasted money and wasted potential that it is, was packed up in the unaccompanied baggage shipment, though. So my pile in the bookstore got bigger and bigger with books I had wanted to buy previously.

The fellow next to me in the history/political science section was a nice enough dude. I felt a bit awkward when his wife came up with a right-wing talk-show host’s lame screed and they laughed heartily…after I had recommended the book that got me thrown out of an ice cream shop. Ehh, maybe he reads purple. I also mentioned the plot points of Amity Schlaes’ new one (The Forgotten Man), which was counterintuitive enough to the poor guy that I quickly disengaged and went for the book I was looking for. We both commented on the auspiciousness of MLK day this year, and mentioned the new administration being sworn in on Tuesday.

I had a lot of books, but only one from that section of the shop. Both of us left the store with the same one, which we hadn’t discussed while browsing: a slim copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I kind of like that we both left with the same book, and that it was that book. Happy MLK Day.

Things I Heard Myself Saying The Day Before The Funeral

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…included “Look, man, I don’t want to hear about [that dead person], I’m here for [that other dead person]!”

Longer weekend than I thought.

January 15, 2009

Info Warfare Is Hard To Respond To…Just Ask The IDF

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To paraphrase a Brit paper I linked a while back, the Hezbollah guys think of the information effect before they do the mission; the West tends to do the opposite. Looks as though Hamas is working on the same idea as HB:

And yesterday’s top line article on the BBC Arabic service was headlined “Israel’s ‘indiscriminate’ attacks in Gaza largest since the beginning”, with pictures of a small hole in a house to show “indiscriminate” and Pallywood-style video of a bunch of dudes grabbing a guy who’s not exactly bleeding and roughly throwing him onto a stretcher. It’s dropped off the website by now, but stuff like this is pretty common.

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Even some of the Catholics are beginning to get slightly more Jacksonian, maybe?

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Now this is a cute gag: the Northern Soul Patrol.

Microrant, You’ve Heard It, Nothing New Added, I Feel Better

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Yeah, remember the last inauguration when these guys were all upset about the money spent? It got me to writing at the time.

Now, the inauguration will cost $150 million (vice $40 million) and the incumbent’s declaring a disaster in order to spend the money. I haven’t heard much from the guys who complained last time about it.

These are the same guys who complained in ’06 about one or two months of less than 100% recruiting numbers, pretty much; haven’t heard anything from them about that lately either.

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R.I.P., Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner now available online) and Ricardo Montalban (freaked out Sayyid Qutb) and Ron Asheton (Stooges now down to Who-levels of alive/dead ratio).

January 13, 2009

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So I mentioned to the guy that it’ll be a challenge for Israel to win both tactically and strategically, and that Israel has to learn and overcome the strategic loss of ’06.

Guy says “Israel lost strategically? You really think so?”

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Jerry Pournelle thinks late at night about civilizations and what happens to them. Ayn Rand’s opinion of Thomas Aquinas is mentioned.

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