August 31, 2009


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Back when I get back.

August 28, 2009

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I guess I should mention that the Twitter feed on the right there is getting more attention than the blog.

Back when, Stephen den Beste invented the classification “linkers and thinkers” to describe different blogging styles. Twitter makes the linker’s job a lot quicker; I’ve seen many folks migrate to there because of it.

Escape To The U.S.

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Update: The blog hiccuped and her link changed to this one.

I’m not familiar with this woman, but the few blogs I read from Americans interested or living in the Middle East know her pretty well (John passing the request, Susie with a heartfelt plea, Tara Chiara on Tara’s blog (thanks!) with a domestic violence graphic). She’s asking for help to get back home.

The link where she asks for help is here
. Like I said, I don’t know her, but dropped a buck or two in the pot.

August 25, 2009

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This is a nicely done picture. I think they drew the picture using a self-timer, and at the last minute…

August 23, 2009

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Now, I haven’t tasted any of the whisky from this distillery…

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While mentioning Muddy, I should link this remembrance of the man by his guitarist Bob Margolin.

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I would disagree and say the version on Hard Again, with its utter joy and whoops of exuberance, is better, but the man’s not all wrong: this version of Mannish Boy with the Band backing Muddy Waters is pretty good.

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Interesting timeline of a political action at Yale.

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Interesting advice for those wanting to run for office.

August 22, 2009

Maybe A Trade Of A Port Ellen Or Brora For A Bottle?

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Idly chatting about a legendary ale with Barry revealed the sad news that they’re no longer making Thomas Hardy’s Ale. Again. Argh. More details about the ale here.

The strange thing about Thomas Hardy’s is that it cellars well. Cellars for over a quarter of a century well. Very complex and intense. The company that stopped making it also no longer makes Royal Oak, an ale that was much more accessible but oh so tasty.

I’ll go sob into my green tea now…

August 20, 2009

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Maybe a couple decades back, Steve Albini wrote an article that caused a tiny detonation in the indie-rock music world called “The Problem With Music“. Now, the Jesus Lizard didn’t follow his advice and broke up after they got screwed, but others did pay heed to Albini’s warning and escaped that trap.

David Byrne has an interesting article in Wired, with ‘read-some-Tufte’ graph design and mp3 conversations with people worth listening to, updating Albini’s thesis with alternative paths for the musician. Well worth reading to understand a different viewpoint on a business you might not have studied.

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McCain needs to read the freakin’ book–the one that, you know, regularly shows up on military service reading lists. He might like it.

August 19, 2009

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Yeah, this is pretty funny: The Malt Impostor. Rather alternative reviews of whiskies.

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Joe Stork does not sound like a very nice man.

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Some guys have more interesting lives than others.

I’d prefer boring to some of the things this guy’s been through.

There are some real patriots working to help us American military. This is one of them, a friend of mine.

Saleh was arrested in 1980 for helping his three siblings cross the border to seek refuge, which they found in Sweden. Saleh did not see them again until December 2008.

After his arrest, Saleh was sent to Abu Ghraib, the same prison that was the site of atrocities committed by American soldiers on Iraqi military prisoners after the 2003 U.S. invasion.

Saleh said he was tortured throughout his prison term, occasionally being forced to drag his naked body across asphalt and spending up to 20 consecutive days in solitary confinement, occupying a toiletless room so small he could not lie down.

“When you get out, you’re not like a human being,” he said. “Like an animal.”

After being imprisoned for more than five years, Saleh was released when Saddam pardoned a slew of prisoners on the dictator’s birthday. He was released two weeks later on May 10, 1986.

Saleh remained in Iraq for 13 years, working for the government and being required to sign in once a week at a local police station to show that he had not fled.

But he did just that in 1999, when he headed north for the Kurdish region of Iraq. From there, Saleh paid a guide to lead him and his family across the border to Syria, which they reached by walking for three nights. They could not travel by day, he said, because it would have put them at risk of being caught.

Saleh was arrested by Syrian authorities soon after crossing the border, suspected of being an Iraqi spy.

A complex man, a raconteur, a romantic; one of those guys who did a lot of Interesting Things that I’m not mentioning here. There are a lot of people doing what he’s doing now, many with equally interesting stories…

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Barry hepped me to this jive: An interview with Tom Maxwell, who made music I’ve liked a lot.

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Yeesh. Slublog is not happy with a pol:

George W. Bush and John McCain hired this man to help them win elections. After reading McKinnon’s hateful screed, I think less of both men for having done so, and cannot in the future support any GOP candidate who chooses to have such a dishonorable man on his or her staff. Criticisms based on policy and ideology are fair and within bounds. Attacking a man for how he chose to mourn the death of a child, however, is beyond the pale. It is a paragraph McKinnon should apologize for writing and publishing, and one that should force McKinnon’s former clients – Bush and McCain – to disavow the man who wrote it.

Politics may not be beanbag, but there should be some limits to what is fair game. McKinnon seems incapable of respecting those limits, and for that reason should earn nothing less than disdain from those who value civil debate.

I don’t agree with Santorum on several social issues, but have grown to respect the man. I agree that McKinnon’s out of bounds even if he were bashing someone I didn’t respect.

August 17, 2009

A Certain Kind Of Person Will Really Like This

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You hear that? “Ready to go to sea!”

August 15, 2009

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I can’t wait for this guy’s description of a Big’n’Tasty, fries, and a shake….

LT Nixon’s Right: This Sucks.

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Good man lost. Wife, three young children. Army major with a good record and a good career. Blogger at Flopping Aces. Dead at thirty-six.

Thanks to LT Nixon for passing the word.

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