July 26, 2005

And The Vegetable Oil Is Equally Important

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Didn’t this chickie just finish apologizing for the last time she pulled a trick like this?

4 Responses to “And The Vegetable Oil Is Equally Important”

  1. Xopherman Says:

    I seem to remember my Shift Engineer when I was a nub at prototype saying you can make almost any mistake once, but you have to learn from it and never repeat it. I’d say she gets less than a 2.5.

    Please, go over to Irag and try and get photographed with the islamofacist terrorists.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Sir, I believe she needs to go to hell, or something else along those lines. Maybe, she should travel to Iraq and spend some time with the Jihadis.

  3. chap Says:

    If she drops by this part of town I just might stand in front of the bus for a couple of hours…

  4. WillyShake Says:

    That was precisely my reaction! I saw the head-line and the blurb about the vegetable oil and thought–this has got to be a Scrappleface parody or something–I thought Jane had tamed…found Jesus and all that.

    *shrugs* Old dog…new tricks, I guess.

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