December 7, 2005

Laugh At Them!

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The Woolsey family reminds us that it is important strategically to humiliate and belittle one’s enemy, particularly with poop jokes.

The Middle East — where there is plenty of pomposity, absurdity, and self-importance — is a place where satire and ridicule can be particularly powerful weapons, especially with young people. We should not fight the spirit of rebelliousness of the region’s youth but go with it. It is now the case, and sometimes we even deserve it, that we are that spirit’s target, but we should do our best to help it focus heavily on the real and entrenched enemies of young people’s freedom: the Middle East’s pompous totalitarians.

Recently one of us was testifying on Iran before a Senate Committee and was asked, in effect, what steps short of force might help undercut the authority of Iran’s hideous government. The response — see if you can encourage the creators of South Park to go after Ahmadinejad and Khamenei they way they went after Kim Jong Il in Team America: World Police — produced an interesting reaction. The younger Senate staffers, reporters, and members of the audience giggled and grinned wickedly. Everyone over 40 looked absolutely clueless. Definitely the right demographics.

I have mentioned this before.

  • You know, there sure is a foofraw whenever a beat up cassette tape (such an old technology!) shows up purportedly from bin Laden or Zarqawi or whomever the Voice of Evil is this week. I’d pay ten bucks for a tape to show up on the door of Al-Jazeera or on the usual Internet places with either cut-and-pasted Bad Guy’s Voice, or a good imitator, saying really stupid stuff. Like “I give up, I was wrong, I have pork on my head–you really get 37 white raisins, and we made a mistake. That poetry I was reciting? I made it up. Here’s some Jonathan Livingston Seagull instead. And I drank too much booze tonight and shaved off my eyebrows. You too must shave off your eyebrows and paint the word “NERD” on your forehead, for it is written…”
  • Heck, I’d pay ten bucks to see that one done in video, too. Something with bin Laden in his “cheezy Saturday Night Fever” outfits, saying “I’m a rich kid who never had to work a day in his life, and notice how all the old guys aren’t blowing themselves up? Suckers!!”
  • Let’s keep going with this. How about a satirical radio or TV show? Something that picks on the Powers That Be in (name an oppressed region here)? I bet it’s a heck of a lot easier to watch a funny bit about Syrian’s Leading Optometrist getting led about by his dad’s cronies than it would be to see a Somber Documentary About The Bad Things That Happen. It’s a shame it would all have to be in a language I don’t speak, because you could really have some funny stuff going on in the show. At least I could enjoy the squeals of indignation from the Powers That Be.

    I’d pay ten bucks even if you did it Egyptian sitcom style, where it would cost less than ten bucks–all you need for a set is a living room with a painfully ornate couch. (Why do all those shows all occur around a huge, gaudy couch? Am I missing something, or is the shwarma place I visited just locked into the Loud Chesterfield Channel?)

Ten. Bucks.

You could buy a lot of gum with that, you know.

3 Responses to “Laugh At Them!”

  1. badbob Says:

    It seemed like a lot of folks were laughing about “Bagdad Bob” a couple years ago and the pix of the “Axis of Weasles”. I reckon we’re getiing so tired of seeing the same bearded and turbaned foreigners that it ain’t funny any more..or something like that.

    Nothing wrong, mid you about beards or foreigners. It’s just I would rather look at Pamela Anderson or that girl from Victoria’s Secret.

    NOT! I still get about 2-4 joke emails/videos/cartoons a day about ’em, but of course, being OVER 40 I have to laugh in private.


  2. chap Says:

    Yeah, but what about the 18-24 guys in the Middle East? They need those emails, and the videos, and the jokes.

    They need the Pamela Anderson pictures, even!

    Send ’em both!

  3. badbob Says:


    Most of ’em originate from there! LOL


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