January 7, 2006


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[If you’re looking for the blonde joke, it’s here.]

So, is this lady by any chance related to Donald Rumsfeld?

I just need to remember not to keep my “toodles” anywhere nearby.

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  1. Timmy Says:

    Whoa! This blonde joke is freaking funny.

    Check it out

    Click here

  2. krysten Says:

    ummm i really dont get the blonde joke is it supposed to be funny that i went through all these websites? ummm what? i kinda dont get the joke

  3. Chap Says:

    If you’re looking for the blonde joke, look here.

  4. John Derrick Says:

    ha ha ha… this is too funny….

  5. ashley Says:

    you [expletive deleted] there is no joke i think it is broken cuz it keep s going back and there is no joke

  6. ashley Says:

    you [misspelled expletive deleted] there is no koke i think my computer is broken because i just keep going in circles on the websites

  7. awesome Says:

    ha. it is funny because these people dont get it.

  8. james Says:

    oh, its so [redacted] funny XD
    they really dont get it, do they??!

  9. Marina Says:

    ahahahaha i love it haha .. i really love that no one gets it :):)

  10. Justin Says:

    LOL this is amazing

  11. shayne Says:

    kk. so im up at midnight last night, and i come across this.

    i click for like ten minutes.

    and decide to sleep on it because i seriously dont get it.

    at ten, i go back on and show my friend, who cracks up after three clicks.

    only then do i realize what just happened.

    this was the best blonde joke i have ever seen.



    LOVE IT! =]

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  13. NEVER!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!! Says:

    Lol, this one is good, I saw it rihgt off the bat, but I can see why so many people will get tricked…

  14. blonde Says:


    I caught on by the second link, and am a natural blonde

    take that!


  15. xxxx elaine xxx Says:

    oh god this toke me ages to get!! ha it annoyed me so much i showed my friend
    and she got it straight away! thats so funi im such a dumb blonde ha

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  18. KYLER AFRICA Says:

    THIS has gotta be the lamest coolest funniest thing i have ever done!
    i only got the DAMM thing half way through! go figure AND to top it off it was by a BLONDIE she told me in the end!
    GOD and i am Auburn haired XD XD

    IF it were any longer we’d be doing this til our RETIREMENT and beyond! LOL

    good one GUYZ!!! ( whom ever came up with this CLASSIC!)

  19. KYLER AFRICA Says:

    me again! lol i FOUND something very similar to this! except it aint a blondie joke! i am not sure the site yet so will get back to u on that!

  20. dewd Says:

    lol i get it took me like seven clicks though but im blonde :D

  21. PHATHOM » Blog Archive Says:

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  22. Boo Says:

    UGGG!!!!!! I just spent 2 and a half hours trying to figure out what the joke was. After the like millionth click, I had my friend come in to see if she could find it (she is good with internet stuff). She looked at it, clicked once, and then laughed in my face!!! She then had to show me what the joke was, and I still only kind of get it?!?!?!?!?!?

    Yes shut up I am a NATURAL bleach blondee

  23. Luis Says:

    DUDE! LOL!
    I’m on google searching for a the funniest blonde joke ever and i come across this. I’m clicking and clicking almost too exited to hear this joke… then i get mad… frustrated… then i’m like wait a minute! lol
    thought is was a SPAM for a minute lol

  24. Ben Cousins Jokes Says:

    Very clever! Reminds me of how do you keep an idiot in suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow?

  25. Guy Says:

    hahahaahahahaha i finally get the joke

  26. Zinc Says:

    Haha, posted it on my blog…I got it after 2 clicks and I am black-haired…

  27. laila Says:

    I’m a brunette n I went on 10 minutes clicking around,best joke ever,except I didn’t really laugh ;)

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