February 4, 2006

The Guy’s Nickname Is “More Cowbell”

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That’s right, Clayton “More Cowbell” Campbell.

From Bubblehead via Pigs, the funniest underway video I may have ever seen. Marines have videos with hair metal and blowing up things; carrier guys have “Numa Numa” and a profoundly disturbing Chief’s Dance with little sparkles in precisely the wrong places. I swear David Hasselhoff is in there somewhere.

I have only two comments about the movie: Clearly they’ve been underway for a while, and equally clearly it’s a good thing they weren’t in the yards because this could get dangerously close to “Broke Boat Mountain”.

I knew there was a reason I switched to subs when I got commissioned…

Update: Disappeared from Google. It’s now a copy floating around the Internet…

4 Responses to “The Guy’s Nickname Is “More Cowbell””

  1. Kevin Says:

    Gotta say, the inside of the E looks damn good for a ship that old.

  2. 74 Says:

    Chap sez: I knew there was a reason I switched to subs when I got commissioned…

    And the reason being all those jokes about “going down”, or “long tubes”, or Silent “Service” ???? Oh yeah, and no women aboard either. And how gay is it to call a ship a boat anyway?

    All in fun Chap – us targets have to get back at you guys someway !!

  3. Heather Says:

    Please, if anyone has this video, e-mail it to me at: ….we saw it while it was on Google, and now we at PSD are dying to see it again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chap Says:

    Too big for an email–it would break your inbox.

    So a copy’s coming your way via YouSendIt.

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