February 24, 2006

Grandma Would Be Bumping This…

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(old guys can tune out…here.)

Yeah, I listen to rap. I’m pretty persnickety about it, though, because there is a lot of bad rapping out there. (I’d love to enjoy, say, “Night of the Living Baseheads”, but their politics just don’t get me. And if I am not going to use certain words, then I don’t need them coming out of my own stereo, dig?)

I’ve been waiting for someone to come back from Iraq with a bumping track and completely shut down all the hard boys with their tough talk and big boy attitudes. “Straight outta Locash? How about Fujairah? You want hard, try being a grownup!”

The ladies are starting to represent, as it were. I have no idea where I found this video, but it sure works. (here). Lyrics snippet:

where the children go — nobody knows

where the money goes — nobody knows


do you stand up, lay down or follow?

What will it be?

Will it all be the same again tomorrow?

What will it be?

You can claim it but the words are hollow

do you stand up, lay down or swallow?

What will it be?

(young maylay rap 2)

we dont take it lightly when you threatinin women, how you have so much hate and faith in religion. Fake in the system, need to take a break wit the dissin, before you end up in the lake where they fishin. Hearin bout the muslim madona, asian j lo, lookin for drama (ok) if you say so. If you that religious and not wit trendy clothes, then what you doin even watchin videos.

And of course, the song gets banned because of death threats.

Deeyah, 27, has become the target of violent threats from members of the Muslim community offended by her glamorous image. Her video is reportedly being shown on Indian channels.

The singer, of mixed Pakistani, Afghan and Persian descent, has received intimidating phone calls, aggressive emails and verbal threats from Asian youths warning her to “tone down and cover up”.

Good luck, kid. I hope we’ve got your back.

Update: Whoa. I get my rap videos from Hugh Hewitt?

Oh the humanity. Now where’s my Roni Size record? I need to detox.

One Response to “Grandma Would Be Bumping This…”

  1. Subsunk Says:

    If more rap were like this video, then us “old guys” wouldn’t tune out. And not just because of the skimpily clad gals either. The message needs to be right. “Old guys” don’t believe it is OK to get your jollies killing your enemies or screwing just any sweet young thing that comes down the road. If the message is treat women with the respect they deserve, it is a message plenty of “old guys” would lay down their “old” lives for.

    But then again, maybe that’s why we are old. We know which dog is just pissin on bushes to show off, and which ones are to be avoided because they will tear your throat out. And just because one dog would tear your throat out for no good reason, doesn’t mean we won’t fight, kill or maim that dog if our kids were to be attacked by it.

    You radical Islamists listening? Or do I need to spell it out for ya?


    PS, I’m not offended to be associated with “Old” things. I gladly embrace that label. And then use it to kick the unsuspecting youngster’s butt every time. Remember, old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.

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