April 16, 2006

Whistling In The Hurricane

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I guess what bothers me about articles like this one by Amir Taheri is that it matches what we’re seeing in briefs I’ve linked to previously (courtesy Lex but I can’t get to it on the cell phone). It matches open source.

And the people who will read it are already convinced; the people who need convincing will not read it, or refuse to accept it.

I used to say about mine and antisubmarine warfare that people only got serious about it after the second flaming datum. Put another way, people tend to put up the new stop sign only after the fatal accident.

With nuclear weapons it is not necessarily prudent to listen to someone’s words and public intentions only after a flaming datum.

You have a solution? Is there one with no deaths that works, or merely multiple bad choices where “optimum” means “sucks the least”?

2 Responses to “Whistling In The Hurricane”

  1. Mike Says:

    I was just thinking similar thoughts the other day. At the first mushroom cloud, all doubt and hesitancy vanishes…unfortunately, until that point, there is nothing but doubt and hesitancy.

  2. mlah Says:

    he has every intention of using them.

    remember before wwii? when hitler wrote mein kampf and spelled out all of his plans? now this guy is saying what he intends to do, and everyone is going to be shocked?

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