April 17, 2006

Got A Spare Three And A Half Million Bucks?

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I would bet the Hilton CEO can, what with his “business measures” and all.

But he won’t buy this, so maybe you might like a spare submarine

5 Responses to “Got A Spare Three And A Half Million Bucks?”

  1. SGT Jeff (IRR) Says:

    Looks like a Foxtrot…

  2. 2just2 Says:

    But I want just the museum!!!

    Ok- it’s a matter of time- Trump is on his way – looks like he’s got a checkbook in hand and a can of spraypaint to put TRUMP on the side.



  3. Justthisguy Says:

    The only sub which would make a worthwhile yacht is the NR-1. She’s made to be run by a small crew, she can stay under for a long time, she can go very deep, and she has not only Waldos, but *windows*!

  4. chap Says:

    Well, I may have been a nuke but I don’t see startup checkoffs as relaxing. Try the ones aimed at the megayacht crowd

  5. Justthisguy Says:

    USA Submarines (or whatever their corporate name is, these days) does, I think, catalog some smaller boats for those who are just extremely wealthy, vice stinkin’ rich.

    The paid hands can worry about the startup details. I mean,really, how tedious.

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