April 18, 2006

Prine Nominated For Silver Star

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CAVEAT: Single anonymous source; IP checks out, but this could be a bogus report. I’m assuming true based on the wording and events–his unit took casualties in what sounded like rough circumstances on that date.

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Journalist and Guardsman Carl Prine, last seen mixing it up in the comments section, gets mentioned by a colonel in the comments section:

Prine UPDATE. Prine was recommended for a Silver Star based on his actions 23MAR06 during a complex attack against leading attacks against 2x houses of POO SAF, actions that led to the detention of 4x MAMs. Whether he ultimately receives the honor, he has been issued a citation from MTT for conspicuous gallantry in combat.

If we had a few more reporters in our ranks, perhaps we would be better off. I am going to continue to follow this man’s career, whether it be military or journalistic, for the rest of my days.

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  1. Subsunk Says:

    Well good on Carl. I’m glad he got the chance to show what he was made of. And I’m damn proud of him for standing up and being counted. I hope he is as good a leader as this award would indicate. It will mean more of his Men come home, safely, and with their Honor held high.

    Good Luck, Carl. You Press on, son. I’m waiting for you to come home and punch me dead in the face. I deserve it. You are in my prayers.


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