April 24, 2006

“It Will Not Do To Be An 80% Ally”

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…especially on this ANZAC Day (tomorrow, 25 April). Kemal Ataturk understood the ferocity of the men of Gallipoli. Many of us don’t; I remember having to brush up on it in order to be in Brisbane on the 60th anniversary of the Coral Sea battle, with the honor of reenlisting a sonar tech at the ANZAC memorial there.

It’s a good time to remember. From a comment on this post, I learn that we’ve got some tough allies alongside us, and also about the toughness of Firebolt sailors.

Gday all,

Just want to pass on my well wishes and ask to remember those who have served and continue to serve in the ADF and support agencies this ANZAC Day.

This Is a particularly meaningful day for me as it marks the 2nd anniversary of the terrorist attack on the iraqi oil terminals on 24th April 2004 whilst I was ships company on HMAS Stuart. Unfortunately the Cyclone class patrol boat, USS Firebolt, bore the brunt of the attack with 3 members killed whilst trying to board a dhow. We were tasked to recover the dead and injured whilst maintaining our patrol of the oil fields.

After rescuing the remaining survivors and returning them to Stuart, it was evident that these guys were special. For one they had horrendous injuries however their spirits were unbroken and to the extent that they were jovial. This warmed the crew and steeled them even further. They were, and still are, an inspiration for me.

Thanks for your time and enjoy your Anzac Day.


Rob Forsyth


(then)HMAS Stuart

I should remind folks that the above link leads to support information for that sea battle’s losses.

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  1. Sim Says:

    Cheers for that Chap.

    Dawn service was good as always, 30 odd thousand turned out in my city.

    I’m off to the RSL to watch the footy and buy a couple of old blokes a beer.

  2. enrevanche Says:

    ANZAC Day

    Today, April 25th, is ANZAC Day, Chap reminds us. With our own Memorial Day about a month away, it’s never too early to remember and reflect.

  3. Sim Says:

    Had a great day, bought beers for a couple of WWII vets and a few that fought in Vietnam.

    As a side note this always bears repeating:

    “Those heroes that shed their blood

    and lost their lives;

    You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.

    Therefore rest in peace.

    There is no difference between the Johnnies

    and the Mehemets to us where they lie side by side

    here in this country of ours.

    You, the mothers,

    who sent their sons from far away countries,

    wipe away your tears;

    your sons are now lying in our bosom

    and are at peace.

    After having lost their lives on this land they have

    become our sons as well.”

    M. KEMAL ATATURK, 1934

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