April 30, 2006

On The Reading List

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I think I need to get my hands on a book Mark Steyn mentioned:

in Our Crisis: Or Three Months at Patna During the Insurrection of 1857, William Tayler wrote, “With the Soonnees the Wahabees are on terms of tolerable agreement, though differing on certain points, but from the Sheahs, they differ radically, and their hatred, like all religious hatred, is bitter and intolerant. But the most striking characteristic of the Wahabee sect, and that which principally concerns this narrative, is the entire subservience which they yield to the Peer, or spiritual guide.”

Mr. Tayler, a minor civil servant in Bengal, was a genuine “multiculturalist.” That’s to say, although he regarded his own culture as superior, he was engaged enough by the ways of others to study the differences between them. By contrast, contemporary multiculturalism absolves one from knowing anything about other cultures as long as one feels warm and fluffy toward them. After all, if it’s grossly judgmental to say one culture’s better than another, why bother learning about the differences? “Celebrate diversity” with a uniformity of ignorance. Had William Tayler been around when the Islamification of the West got under way and you’d said to him there was a mosque opening down the street, he’d have wanted to know: what kind of mosque? Who’s the imam? What branch of Islam? Old-school imperialists could never get away with the feel-good condescension of PC progressives.

Here’s Tayler again: “The tenets originally professed by the Wahabees have been described as a Mahomedan Puritanism joined to a Bedouin Phylarchy, in which the great chief is both the political and religious leader of the nation.”

Just so.

This might involve a little digging. I’ve found one of Tayler’s books reprinted, but perhaps will need to spend a little more time to find the right book.

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  1. Curt Says:

    “the great chief is both the political and religious leader of the nation”

    Hence my coinage of the terms (choose one, please): religitics or poligion….a while back now, when I was just a young blog pup….

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