June 9, 2007

Launching Report

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At 2013 on Friday the following launching was observed by sources:

Displacement: 4 lb 15 oz
Overall length: 18.5 inches
Extreme beam: More of a Yoda-like countenance right now (you’d be that way too if you were squeezed like that), but a cute smile when food stays down. Yes, all new babies look like Winston Churchill.
Dead Weight: Husband’s doing fine, too
Draft Limit: not applicable due to gender
Sound projector system: working

Project was delivered to local government ahead of schedule (almost a month; INSURV reports some fitting-out will be required after acceptance) and under budget (alternate launching method, after intense negotiations with the union and management, proved not necessary).

First of class appears to be compatible with next of class (inspectors determined initial meeting was “cute”).

Mom and new arrival are doing fine. This photo is moments after, even before the poor kid got a bath or the shots.


Update: Looks like we didn’t avoid NICU after all. A little more expert care for the little person…

48 Responses to “Launching Report”

  1. MilBlogs Says:

    Cee-Gars To Be Handed Out…

    …over here…….

  2. Barry Campbell Says:

    As we say in my adopted tribe, mazel tov! (Or we say in my native tribe, ain’t she a cute ‘un?)

  3. SJBill Says:

    Port or Stbd tube launch? ;-)
    Congratulations! Pls supply regular sitreps.


  4. Eagle1 Says:


    The cheap part is getting them launched. What with training expenses, outfitting and routine maintenance, the costs escalate…


  5. Bryan Strawser Says:

    Congratulations! Somewhere I had missed that the two of you were expecting again.. Congrats!


  6. Tom W. Says:

    Congrats and watch out for the Close-in Defense System (CDS), which is engaged when the craft is lifted and suspended in the air over the target’s facial area.

    When properly engaged, the CDS will empty the craft’s internal ammunition reservoir in less than one second.

  7. Maggie Says:


  8. Steeljaw Scribe Says:

    Mazel-tov! Now the fun begins…
    – SJS

  9. Lubbers Line Says:

    Remember during builder’s trials the duty section will be shifted to port and starboard with mid-watch always having unscheduled evolutions. Belowdecks has a tendancy to vent sanitaries inboard more that expected. Until you are fully qualified all alarms seem to sound the same, a general alarm could indeed be a flooding.

    Congrats, she looks like a fine ship made with the best of materials.

  10. Jerry Says:

    Congrats Buddy! Went to the hospital today as one of my LT’s had her first at 0428. Must be the season. So happy for you all

  11. Curt Says:

    BZ, and now….bring the cigars to the next MilBlogs Conference!

  12. Consul-At-Arms Says:


    Hopefully the Wee Bairn will begin to resemble the Mater rather than the Pater before too long.

    (Assumption: your wife is much too good for you, as mine is too good for me as well.)

  13. FbL Says:

    Congratulations, Chap and family!

  14. Rellag Says:

    Congratulations Chap

  15. Tammi Says:

    Well, this is good news indeed! Congrats to Chap and family!!!

  16. sid Says:

    You can pile my Congrats! in there too.

  17. badbob Says:

    Well done Chap! Clueless here on the event. Best on the NICU stay. Has the committee picked a hull-name yet?


  18. MissBirdlegs in AL Says:

    Congratulations, Chap & Family!

  19. Blackfive Says:


    (say goodbye to sleep for the next ten weeks…)

  20. John deVille Says:

    Congratulations to you and family! I prefer a maduro wrapper…

  21. Following instructions - Neptunus Lex - The unbearable lightness of Lex. Enjoy. Says:

    […] fruitful and multiply,” the Good Book tells, and our man Chap is holding up the side for Navy – g’wan over and congratulate him […]

  22. lex Says:

    BZ young man! And my congratulations to the missus as well :-)

  23. Andrew Says:


  24. Jeff Says:


  25. Bubblehead Says:

    Get her a baby ‘Husker shirt immediately!

  26. PeterGunn Says:

    Best to you and yours! The Best of days grows into the “Best” that happens to you!!!

  27. HomefrontSix Says:


  28. John V. Says:

    Congratulations… and prayers.


  29. midwatchcowboy Says:

    Best wishes to your family.

  30. Mrs G Says:

    Congratulations on a job well done,
    Expect to hear a follow-up report on daddy diaper duty detail.

  31. Justthisguy Says:

    May the new one have a long, healthy and happy life, as I also wish for the rest of her family.

  32. seawitch Says:

    Mazel tov!

  33. Deborah Aylward Says:

    Many Congratulations on a Happy Day!

    Followed the link from Lex’s site, and wished to send “All The Best” to your family. NICU shouldn’t be too long, as she is very close to 5 pounds already. God’s Blessings for all from Canada.

    Veritas et Fidelis Semper

  34. Greyhawk Says:

    Awesome – a welcome ray of sunshine.

    Congratulations to all. (Will send instructions for cigar delivery later…;)

  35. Vigilis Says:

    Congratulations, shipmate!

  36. CDR Salamander Says:

    Congrats Shipmate!!!

  37. Sub Wife Wendy Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Congrats!! We’ll expect more photos!

  38. CDR Salamander Says:

    Pulling Pirates…

    Both here and at The Castle Argghhh!!!, Eagle1, MilBlogs, The Commissar, the subject of the pirates of Somalia has gained a lot of interest – and a wide variety of ideas. One of John’s readers and blogger himself, HeartlessLibertarian, in the comment….

  39. Buck Says:

    Congrats, Chap and Mrs. Chap!

  40. armywifetoddlermom Says:

    Congratulations are in order, a beautiful baby……..boy will she have trouble carrying you around on her little finger.

    Prayers for her health, and well being.

  41. Purple Avenger Says:

    In not too many months they become mobile…then the fun begins ;->

  42. Subvet Says:

    Congratulations and welcome to complete chaos.

  43. bullnav Says:


  44. mm 2 Slug Says:

    All this proves is that the pre comissioning exercises went well.
    The real works begins… now. You will be on 1 section duty, turn your hat around and relieve yourself.

    Stand by for unreps, limited availabilities, casreps, and best of all the regular notices over the 1MC

    Shift Colors
    Set the regular underweigh watch on deck condition 4 watch section 1

    This a drill, this is a drill, LIBERTY CALL,

  45. Mike Says:


  46. submandave Says:

    Outstanding! Let the fun begin.

    (If you just remember the last time you were on Vulcan Death Watch rotation and extrapolate that to about three months you should be ready)

  47. Mark Says:

    Catching up on my reading over @ Lex’s, Congratulations Dad!

  48. Chapomatic » The List Is Out Says:

    […] I have to go buy cigars, now I have to buy booze. I’ll gladly pay for ‘em […]

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