July 11, 2007

Link Dump 10 July

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  1. Here’s a political bone to throw out (h/t Insta): someone at Cato saying they’re moving to the center. (With Medicare prescription benefits?)
  2. Via the Minneapolis Megablogger, a photo you just don’t see every day.
  3. Another Heinlein short bio, and a couple of interesting links from Quotulatiousness.
  4. Typing the two words after the colon forces people to do things, like a bad Skinner Box or splitting atoms with your mind: Ron Paul. The funniest part is the multiple “responses”…to a Top Ten list! Oh, and for those special someones: MADE YOU DO IT! YOU WEREN’T AS FREE AS YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE!! SLAAAAAAVES!
  5. How does a pencil rove to make these little doodads? Did someone infiltrate the Shrinky Dink factory?
  6. An interesting summary of analysis on conflict, which results in some obvious moments. Obvious is useful, though; as a certain dead German fellow once said, in war everything is simple, but the simplest thing is hard. (H/t Argghhh.)
  7. Army Times Company’s been sucking up milbloggers right and left for various of their publications. No link on this one–don’t want to blow the pseudonym–but there are at least three recent columns and cover stories I know of in different publications this month. I do wonder if this will improve some of the less appealing aspects of their practices–but kudos to them for reaching out. I know another military-related magazine which has no idea how the Internet works and is hemorrhaging money, partially because of it…
  8. Got a hundred grand and a spare riddle for wrapping purposes?
  9. This…is odd: (h/t
  10. Dude’s got hisself a li’l too much spare time, y’all.

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  1. Steeljaw Scribe Says:

    That wouldn’t happen to be our (beloved) Proceedings from the USNI now would it?
    – SJS

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