October 1, 2007

End Of A Very Small Era

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Looks like the Hog was right (in a post that seems to have disappeared from the net), at least in the case of Cox and Forkum, who are bowing out of the editorial cartoon business after a very good run. Some good guys just can’t get paid to do what they do well.

I’ll miss those guys.

2 Responses to “End Of A Very Small Era”

  1. Justthisguy Says:

    Yup, I’ll miss ’em too, and am also continuously annoyed at “Steve H.” for de-publishing his best most erudite and thoughtful posts and leaving the silly ones up.

    Steve, you know my email addy. We’ve corresponded. Yer excuses don’t excuse you, in my mind.

    Oh, Marv? Bite ‘im!

  2. FbL Says:

    Cox and Forkum are more than superb political cartoonists. They are fine human beings, too.

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