January 21, 2008

Second Bateman Post In A Day

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So there’s this thread, started by a remarkably ignorant post, with unsurprisingly authoritative-sounding, completely wrongheaded, stupid crap in the comments. Colin Kahl shows up and tries to correct some facts, to little or no avail. For crying out loud the canard about wedding parties even shows up–a canard debunked years ago, but as usual still alive in the minds of those to whom such things never get corrected.

And then LTC Bateman jumps in.


I despair of ever seeing the Atlantic readable again.

4 Responses to “Second Bateman Post In A Day”

  1. Mike Says:

    Eesh, I thought the Kahl slapdown was bad enough. LTC Bateman’s almost makes me feel sad for those on the receiving end. Almost.

    Something worth comparing, perhaps, is this discussion on the same topic involving myself and the proprietor of the blog who, while certainly no friend of the war (at least as it’s being prosecuted currently) is a pretty smart guy and keeps an open mind:

    Amazing what can happen when smart people get together and discuss the facts instead of invective.

  2. Buck Says:

    Amazing what can happen when smart people get together and discuss the facts instead of invective.

    I read that exchange, Mike, and agree. But then again…the dismal state of our political dialog is a hot-button with me at the moment.

    As for LTC Bateman… Wow. Just wow.

  3. Skippy-san Says:

    If dropping bombs saves AMERICAN lives-then schedule more sorties!

    There was a good quote in al the noise in the comments-namely something to the effect of “keeping faith with allies is not an objective. Said allies have to be worth keeping faith with.” QED.

  4. Subsunk Says:

    I loved Bateman’s post. He says more than I ever needed to hear to know that he is one good dude doing a very hard job.

    Keep up the good work Chap. I’m glad you are still around. You are smarter than a room full of nukes, son. And we both know that is sayin’ something.


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