February 11, 2009

The Grand Tradition Of The Punk In Uniform

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Lex gets books; I don’t. That’s fine, as I have a Shelf to get through this year.

One book that didn’t escape his attention is that of Lily Burana, who has a website here. Gal sounds as though she’s had an interesting life. Used to have pink hair and be punkish. Married to an Army officer type.

I’ve been noticing lately that there seems to be a heck of a lot of guys my age in the military who started out as wearers of safety pins. I wasn’t a punk, didn’t fit there, but I dabbled in the culture and dug the art and prose, so I half count. Phibian also has the DIY attitude. Several officers I’ve met started out earlier as punks, and of course the enlisted guys I had the pleasure of serving with included guys who lived down the street from the Misfits, or who were heavily into MRR culture and married adult film stars, et cetera. Great group of guys, and as anti-apathy as they were as teens.

Funny how for some people the two cultures can mesh pretty well after twenty years.

Update: Phibian concurs and points out I forgot to add Doc to the mosh party.

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  1. SJBill Says:

    Is Lily Carmina’s younger sister?

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