April 23, 2009

Shaping The Navy Leadership

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The Navy’s captain/O-6 selection list came out today. Some folks I know made it. Some folks I know did not. I had some comments typed up here discussing how I thought the service’s leadership will change based on that, but I think I’ll stop here for the moment.

4 Responses to “Shaping The Navy Leadership”

  1. Chap Says:

    And some coworkers, they will act like the guy in this song when interacting with those not selected. That would be wrong. It also would be common.

    Funny thing is that the people acting like that? They’ll eventually be in that spot, no ifs, ands, or buts. Everybody in this job gets told to go home eventually.

  2. CDR Salamander Says:

    We both know one person who wasn’t on it – much to the future detriment of the uniformed Navy. Sad – and a mistake by the board – IMAO.

  3. Doc Says:

    Tough, isn’t it, biting one’s tongue when still in uniform. Hang in there, Chap. I picked a helluva time to retire, but that doesn’t mean I’d change my mind. (And I could, since they’re now hiring back a few of those they thought they could do without.) Oops.

  4. Curtis Says:

    I sent this to my dad yesterday in response to his email about the action to reduce the #of pirates in Somalia:

    It reads nicely enough except that part about NSWC Norfolk. Naval Surface Warfare Centers have nothing whatsoever to do with Norfolk NOB. They are labs and consist mostly of civilian scientists.

    Perhaps he meant Navy Special Warfare Center.

    I was saddened to see that the SEAL I relieved as OPS has retired. Years ago he wondered if he was competitive for 06, asked me and showed me his service record and fitreps. I truly didn’t think he would have any trouble at the board but he got passed over on his first look and decided to retire. He was ranked 1 of 43 on his last fitrep working for a counter terror agency. He was ranked first of X on all of his previous fitreps but since his path after Mogadishu led him away from the straightline SPECWAR arena he never commanded a team and that doomed him. All of the 06 selects had commanded a SEAL Team. It seems a pedestrian way to run a railroad…

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