April 23, 2009

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An angry editorial unhappy with unintended consequences.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a little disappointed in you on this post and, I admit, it touched a nerve.

    As the father of a child with autism, an engineer and a nuc, I am VERY well versed in science and I have read volumes of studies regarding potential links between autism and vaccines. It is not “junk science” that is causing many parents to opt out of vaccines. Some (not many or all) parents are well informed and understand that there has not been a comprehensive study that shows that these vaccines (or the preservatives or the schedule) do not cause autism. Therefore these parents make the decision to not vaccinate their children and instead 1) rely on the immunity of the population and 2) barring that, risk diseases that, while on the rise, are far less common that autism (1 in 90 boys and rising).

    Don’t know anything about the bedbugs, but I live with autism every day and I know the science.

    How about using your blog to promote additional research into CURING autism, developing safe vaccines/vaccine preservatives/vaccine schedules, etc… rather than perpetuating a belief about whether or not vaccines cause autism?

    – Long time loyal reader (and acquaintance)

  2. Chap Says:

    Well. An anonymous commenter says it is a “long time loyal reader (and acquaintance)” and is disappointed in me, directing me to change the focus of my blog and write about certain topics. Oh, great. Dude, go learn how to comment on a blog before you get your feelings hurt. If you care so much that you want to task me, whomever you are, start your own blog.

    The only other hit for ‘autism’ on the blog is this one, noting that a prime source of complaint is tainted by bad information and scandal.

    There’s so much emotion and hucksterism involved in the vaccination deal over the last few years that this has taken on the passion and character of a new ‘fluoride in drinking water’ controversy. Difference between the two is that this issue is killing people. If you’re a nuke you should know what the difference is between a private tragedy and a public policy statistic, and when the two need to be measured against each other–that’s the way this has to be framed in a public policy discussion. That’s not done when Doctor Whatshisname, the guy who gets his money running around lecturing about how vaccination is bad, makes another sale.

    Here. You want to go talk about this, there are 1180 comments at this blog post, and she’s much more polite and delicate than I am.

  3. Jerry H. Says:

    Man and I looking forward to lunch today! You are fired up!

  4. Chap Says:

    You shoulda seen the comment before I sat on it for a while…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. That was a little harsh. I don’t think you understood what he wrote. The dude said it touched a nerve.

  6. Anon Says:


  7. Chap Says:

    Yes, yes of course. Big rainbows!

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