April 24, 2009

Bonefish History, Still Recent

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One of the most valuable posts over at Chaotic Synaptic Activity is the annual series about the Bonefish fire. This year he’s added some more first hand accounts, and they’re painful to read.

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  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    First time I’ve seen these BONEFISH blogs…

    A couple points to add. Mike Wilson (BONEFISH new CO at time of the fire) relieved me of command at end of my tour and had his own successful tour, putting ‘our’ boat out of commission at the end of his time. He went on to be XO of Trident Training Facility Kings Bay, where he was when BONEFISH’s ISIC decided to DFC the BONEFISH CO (another old friend) at nearly the end of his tour. Mike was tagged to fill the gap and take the boat until the scheduled relief finished the PCO pipeline.

    The record shows hints of neglect in BONEFISH’s material condition both by parent squadron in Charleston and by its CO. The after-action investigation bore this out (I had a lengthy off-the-record conversation later with the investigating officer, name escapes me but another guy from the diesel mafia of the time) and suggests that the CO became isolated from his crew and wardroom – information just did not flow to the top and the blog’s tale of squadron turning off hatch inspection results – if true – says this continued on up the line.

    Shortly after the accident I got two calls from Charleston, one from Mike Wilson in the hospital there and the second from his wife. I was a DC rat at that time and both were seeking advice on how to proceed to protect Mike’s career. By pure chance, I was playing handball at the POAC that afternoon with the Navy Jag himself and so asked him what he might advise, off the record. I was pleased to pass along his comment to the Wilsons: “Hell, he doesn’t need representation – everyone thinks he’s a hero!” And so it was.

  2. Hayball Says:

    USNI Blog has a link posted to the Bonefish Investigation. I dashed off my recollection of the story in defense of Lt Evert’s good name ,while a wiser head just went and got the record. My swiss cheese memory was revealed for all the world to see, but so was the great job done by CO, XO, Engineer and officers and crew on that very bad day.

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