November 22, 2009


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Update: Embassy denies secret talks.

If true, this is bad.

An Afghan source in Kabul reports that U.S. Ambassador in Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry is holding secret talks with Taliban elements headed by the movement’s foreign minister, Ahmad Mutawakil, at a secret location in Kabul. According to the source, the U.S. has offered the Taliban control of the Kandahar, Helmand, Oruzgan, Kunar and Nuristan provinces in return for a halt to the Taliban missile attacks on U.S. bases.

Source: Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), November 22, 2009

Hat tip: Steve Schippert, who is seething.

My translation of the article, fast pass, I’m out of practice, no computer translation:

Picture caption: Afghan children look at American patrols in Paktika region yesterday

Kabul, Islamabad: (agency name)

A well-informed Afghani source confirmed details of secret discussions happening between (name?) of the Taliban movement, among them the designated minister of war, and the American ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry. (and there was agreement). The same source [said there was] complete agreement before the American ambassador party request and it resulted in US conditions for proceeding.

Ambassador Eikenberry proposed that the movement be granted sovereign
power / authority in Kandahar state and Helmand and Orzkan and Kanr and Nuristan, in exchange for the ending of attacks on American bases in Afghanistan.

5 Responses to “Uh-Oh”

  1. Mongo Says:

    Is this Ooh-Bummer’s counter offer to General McChrystal’s request for troops? “If we give you, our trustworthy Taliban leaders, these provinces, you swear before Allah not to attack us anymore?” This isn’t naivete, it is criminal insanity.

    I completely agree with the notion that the tribal militias are going to be the force in reckoning that ultimately determines Afghanistan’s future. Bringing in the Taliban, however, is a sure fire recipe for undoing the whole of the country, and will ultimately serve to legitimize (sic) the creation of a wholly terrorist training ground. Just what we need!

    Going back to General McChrystal, he can’t be wondering any longer what IMPOTUS has in store for him and the gang. Firm up, General. This IS going to hurt…

  2. PAT Says:

    If this is true, look for Britain, Canada and others to withdraw almost immediately. The minority government in Canada WOULD NOT accept a situation where, given the albeit modest contributions of the Canadians, their sacrifice since 2002 would be in vain. This would go double for the Brits and Dutch in Helmund.
    Mentoring and training of troops, police, jail guards, the civilisation projects would stop. PERIOD. No government will support a project in a area that has been turned over to a very perceived enemy. Nor would an opposition party, or parties of a minority government allow any constitutional government the leeway to do so. Unlike the USA, the troops involved in those areas are under these types of governments.
    Should this happen also look for NATO to reevaluate its position.
    Tough it out or go home. Or rather get a new mouth-piece, if true he has alienated ” a whole hell of a lot of people”

  3. Vigilis Says:

    Such a move would engrave in stone the total unreliability of U.S. commitments – political and military. Putin, Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Al Qaeda would be delighted; Taiwan, South Korea and Australia would be justifiably alarmed, and these would be only a few, obvious results of such incredible foolishness.

    Still, Obama hinted recently that he may not run for a second term. Why would an incumbent have to campaign to retain power in a nation under his declaration of martial law?

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