November 24, 2009

China’s New Boomers: Loud, Says ACW

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Here’s a verrry interesting link: the Arms Control Wonk starts looking at submarine radiated noise, using US unclas documents. He comes to a conclusion I disagree with and overcompress to: because Chinese boomers are noisy, no biggie, really.

A two of trumps beats an ace of any other suit. If there’s nothing there to stop a boomer, the boomer can do what it wants. It’s a big ocean, and we don’t have the numbers we had in the 60’s. So, yeah. Useful deterrent.

4 Responses to “China’s New Boomers: Loud, Says ACW”

  1. dave anderson Says:

    Disagree — there are only 3 PLAN SSBNs, with missiles that can not reach the US from the PRC’s littoral bastions. Much less of a threat than the mid-60s to early 70s Soviet SSBNS. And given the US had fewer nuke fast attack subs at any point before 1975 than the US has now, the deterrant is much weaker than you claim.

  2. JP Says:

    Useful deterrent, yes. Even more useful as a diversion. How preoccupied do commanders get over the location of submarines? Doesn’t matter if they can range CONUS from their backyard or not. As soon as they submerge we’ll all think they can. And we won’t rest until we know exactly where they are.

  3. Chap Says:

    Yep, indeedy. Deterrence is in the mind of the deterred…

  4. CDR Salamander Says:

    Loud boats can find plenty of 50hz things to hide in the Yellow Sea …. and it is the terminal end boom that matters when you have the range.

    In any event – it isn’t the threat now, it is the one 20 years from now. Practice and all …

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