December 4, 2009

Wired’s Joshua Davis On The Cougar Ace

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This is the kind of Wired story I like the best: following a group of people doing something very interesting as they do the job. It’s that great mix of nerdery and Boy’s Own adventure stories, with high seas exploits and a band of adventurous types rappelling down the inside of a darkened, stricken ship doing…math?:

While Johnson does some trigonometry on a small pad of paper, Habib accidentally steps on one of the straps securing a car, and the Mazda lurches downward with a screech. Trepte looks up with a start and realizes that he’s at the bottom of a suspended automotive avalanche. Dozens of cars hang over his head. If one broke its straps, it would trigger a domino effect, sending a pile of Mazdas down on top of him.

“Ay, mate, try not to kill me down here, won’t ya?” Trepte shouts up to Habib.

“Rog-o,” echoes the response from the shadows.

It ain’t how a submariner would do things, though…

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