December 14, 2009

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Update: Chris and Ken in comments below reveal that the actual writer was a bubblehead: Dex Armstrong wrote the story first.

Neptunus Lex finds a nostalgic telling of liberty in the Old Airdale Navy. Before my time, really, alas. Plus, the Horse and Cow was in a different home port.

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  1. Glenn Says:

    That story is a rip-off from “The after battery”, and is only slightly modified to appeal to airdales. Story written about submarine life in the 60’s, and Bells, a bar outside the gate from pier 22 Norfolk. Thelma is the Barmaid at Bells. The author is Dex Armstrong, and many of his stories are in the after battery On Ray “Olgoat ” S.tones site

  2. Chap Says:

    Fascinating. Any links to the essay or the book or whatever?

  3. Ken in Yoko Says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who saw the connection with Dex’s writing.
    The After battery can be found at:

  4. Glenn Says:

    Chap, I can’t do the link thing, but if you google, ” Olgoat” You will fin the “After Battery”. If You’re interested, you will spend many hours laughing your ass off, and maybe shedding a tear or two. Dex ain’t much for punctuation, or properly diagrammed sentences, but he tells a story any sailor understands. I’ve seen quite a few of his done the same as your post, converted to Marine, Army, an Chair Force as well. Also check out Rontini”s BBS, and Both used to have links to the above. Let me know how you made out. I think you’ll be impressed.

  5. Glenn Says:

    Chap, I just checked, and do google olgoat. You’ll come to his site showing the BBS is defunct, but the link to the afterbattery still works. Enjoy!

  6. Glenn Says:

    Hey Chap. Not to be a pain in the ass, but I FOUND it. When you get to thr afterbatt., go to 3rd column about half way down and you’ll see: Remembering submarine bars. Tell me what you think.

  7. Chap Says:

    Found it! Now to let Lex know…

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