July 24, 2010

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Looks as though Lex is coming to a similar conclusion. A million words or so and I was not having as much fun any more either.

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  1. Bryan Strawser Says:

    I think we all get there at some point.

    I certainly don’t write much anymore – and I’m not sure that I ever will again. I prefer this pace :)

    Sides, facebook is more fun and intimate-
    Hope all is well!

  2. SJBill Says:

    Facebook is intimate? Weren’t the details of all members just made public?
    In any event, I do check this place every now and then.
    You don’t have to write. I’ll read, Chap! ;-)

  3. FOD Says:

    Still miss your writing Chap, used to be one of my daily reads.

  4. bothenook Says:

    just another stop on the road of life. some places you want to settle in for ever, others are amusing for a while, and then on to the next place. your site has been entertaining, informative, and intellectually honest. i’ve found myself visiting the blogosphere less and less lately, so i understand your malaise.

  5. SJBill Says:

    Chap, all of a sudden, this post became a bit painful.
    I hear that the clearing at the end of the path is a wonderful place.
    Hoping there is room for a lot of handflying up there, and that not too many aviators are in the same corner of any one area.
    RIP, Lex. RIP.

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