November 26, 2004


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I’m still busy moving. Here’s what I helped take part in before hopping on the plane. Others had more fun and shot guns instead of sit around on the radio like I did.

“It always hurts to see beautiful ships sink, and my sympathy goes to all Sailors who sailed on them, but the important thing is that the weapons fired did their job. That’s the thing it’s all about in the end,” said Rear Adm. Leon Bruin, commander, Standing Naval Force Atlantic.

Upon completion of the firing exercises, Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 2, Det. 26, assisted in sinking the ships through detonating positioned explosives along the hull.


Hayler getting a little EOD love

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  1. lex Says:

    CDS-9’s como, whose CSG we most recently mentored, commanded that ship in his CDR command. When the news came out, the CSG commander took great pleasure in relaying it, with many rhetorical flourishes, to the war council. Shoes…

  2. George rahall usn ret Says:

    There are so many rusting ships in reserve Why sink these

    relativly newer ones? Unless torpedoed.. did they “all” remain

    afloat???? TY

  3. Chap Says:

    I’m guessing, but believe it’s a combination of the environmental flap that would ensue from sinking a Ghost Fleet ship, the different pots of money that such things come from, and perhaps even an urge to not make those ships available to another country for foreign sales. That last guess is a stretch but I’ve seen weirder things in my time.

  4. YNCS Don Harribine, USN(ret) Says:

    Anyone have any news on the sinking of ex-AMERICA (CV 66) during

    Sinkex 2005? Happend within the last couple of days. Classified

    operation but still looking for news of the sinking and photographs.

  5. chap Says:


    Welcome aboard! I haven’t seen anything since the first pushback due to the name of the ship. Nothing on Google. If you’re really interested in it I recommend you grab a PAO over at CFFC, who can at least let you know where things stand…

  6. gf0012-aust Says:

    2 x USN vessels are going to be sunk at Talisman Saber 05 in Oz this month. Does anyone know which vessels are going to be sunk?

  7. MM2Matty Says:

    The two USN vessels sunk at Talisman Saber 2005 were the USS William H. Standley (CG-32) and the USS Elliot (DD-967).

    One picture of the Standley under fire during the exercise can be found at this link:

    Article on page 6 of the Jet Observer July 14, 2005 titled ” VFA-195 plays important role in ‘Sinkex'” confirms the two ships sunk

    during the exercise. A PDF of the Jet Observer for this date with the article can be found here:

    As a former sailor on the Standley I am very interested in the exact sinking location, any additional pictures of the sinking, etc.

    If anyone has any additional information please email me.


  8. MM2Matty Says:

    Additional information about the ships sunk during TS05 can be found at this Q&A link:

    Please send any additional pictures or info concerning the sinking of the Ex-USS W.H. Standleyto me at this address:


  9. Paul Alex Says:

    I was stationed on the Comte De Grasse in the 1980s and was disappointed to hear of her sinking. I am also disappointed there were only three pictures published of the sinking. I am sure there are more. Does anyone have or know of more pictures of the sinking? I find it hard to understand how they would be classified.

  10. Jim Wright Says:

    Please look closely at the pictures published on the sinking of the Count! The hull number is not 974. This was another Spruance class that was sunk. I served as well on the USS Comte De Grasse DD974 from 1980-1985 with lots of fond memories.

  11. USN Veteran Says:

    Yeah really good practice on sitting ducks that don’t move or fire back… let alone the damage its causing by dumping them in the ocean, because they don’t want to spend the money to recycle them. The stupid will be punished.

  12. EN2 SETTLE(Daniel83-85) Says:

    I served with pride on this ship. To find only a dozen decent photos 6 websites is appalling. Have been trying for months to find real photos by crew OR the US Navy with little luck. I thought the sinking would have a lot more. Truly disappointed and Dishonored!!!

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