December 13, 2004

Ackerman In The News Again

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Michael Barone, who writes for U.S. News & World Report, has an article that mentions Peter Ackerman (him of the nonviolence-as-military-tactic fame) and continues with two other books that I probably need to read.

Over the past four weeks, hundreds of thousands of nonviolent protesters in Ukraine have succeeded in forcing a second — and fair — national election. The fraudulent returns of the November election have been thrown out; the new election is scheduled for Dec. 26, and there seems little doubt that Viktor Yushchenko, the candidate cheated of victory by the current regime, will win.

The United States helped achieve this happy result, with Secretary of State Colin Powell quickly declaring the November result fraudulent. All this has lessons for U.S. policy that go far beyond Ukraine.

Those lessons are set out in three books on nonviolent protest by authors who seem to come from different points on the American political spectrum.

The previous posts on American left military experts would fit well here.

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