June 30, 2005

Got The Need To Feel Like A Submariner?

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Then join the Lubber as he does what brings joy to the heart of any COB, even a Soviet one: Field Day!

So, Comrade Jim (AKA Lubber’s Line) has volunteered to trek to the northern port of Providence, RI each weekend to help restore the Soviet Project 651 vintage 1960’s cruise missile diesel submarine. I have to admit this is going to be a field day from HELL if ever I saw one. The ballast tanks leak, there’s paint where there shouldn’t be any or it is the wrong color, rust rust and more rust. This is one boat load of work so it ‘s got to be rewarding. Anyway how many cold war era bubbleheads can say they worked on a Soviet missile boat?

It can indeed be rewarding to work on such beasties. I was lucky enough to be part of the USS Requin‘s cleanup before it was set up as a Pittsburgh Science Center exhibit. The most enthusiastic guys were the ham radio operators, who spent all their time renovating old electronics anyway.

Bring a poopie suit and elbow grease…

2 Responses to “Got The Need To Feel Like A Submariner?”

  1. Lubber's Line Says:

    Chap, I am wondering if Russian Vodka will work as a cleaning agent and libation.

    благодарность – LL

  2. chap Says:

    Better than red bug, I bet.

    Except for the heads. Nothing better than bug juice for the heads.

    The skimmers used tabasco for some reason. It was not the best smell combination.

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