June 30, 2005

Bobby’s Top Five

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Via Technorati (I got linked! Thanks!), Bobby Bran’s got an interesting way of thinking about how he reads.

I suppose I don’t like to read things that reinforce my preconceived notions, but prefer to challenge my most basic assumptions. Not only that, but I really can’t stand right-wingers: I hear left-wing rhetoric and smirk at their foolishness; I hear right-wingers and generally get disgusted. As a self-confessed moderate who has rejected politics, I have that luxury.

He also offers some high praise indeed for a blog I hadn’t seen, Alexander the Average.

you get posts from a guy who does the best job I have ever seen at removing his political bias and approaching issues from a very neutral, unbiased position, which is one of the things I really like about him. The other thing I really like are the subjects of his posts– Kris likes to take on projects about Effects-Based Operations (EBO) and operational metrics in Iraq, and he’s often way, way, way ahead of the Army’s curve on those issues. Moreover, reading Alexander the Average is as close to reading a peer-reviewed scholarly article as I’ve seen in the blogging community– he uses quantifiable analysis, facts and evidence to back up his arguments, instead of relying on the self-confirming information that others tend to do (i.e., I’m right because Tom said it on his blog and he cited Judy, none of whom post anything more than their opinion).

Bran’s list is worth looking at. Especially if you’re an Armchair Generalist–Bobby reads you daily…

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